Friday Afternoon Craft Club

Beginning 8/31/18, Mastiff Studios will be hosting Friday Afternoon Craft Club from 5-7, but if you get off work earlier in the day, feel free to stop by anytime after 3pm to get started.  Grab your current art or craft project, a beverage of your choice, a snack, and head on over.  The studio, shop, and patio are open for you to come and enjoy some time with fellow creatives.  This time is designed for you to relax, socialize, and be part of a fabulous, inviting community.  If you want to be part of the awesomeness, but don't know how to craft, no worries.  I've got you covered.  I'd be happy to teach you some basic crochet, knitting, or embroidery.  FYI the Mason Jar restaurant is located next door, and they make great food. Nearby is Subway, McDonalds, Safeway, 7-11, a liqueur store and  a smoke shop.   I do not allow smoking in the building.  Pay at the door ($10)