Amy has long been advocate of creating community.  When she moved to the Old Colorado City area of Colorado Springs, she noticed that there were plenty of tourists, but there was not much of a neighborhood feeling.  As she watched a variety of the same people stroll by, she noted there was a tremendous number of people who passed each other on the street, but didn't seem to know each other.   

She ran across the TED talk video Why Moms Are Miserable | Sheryl Ziegler | TEDxWilmingtonWomen, and decided that she was in a great place to make a change.

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If at all possible, please make time in your life to create friendships. 

Please bring your project and a tasty snack. 

There is no fee for this activity. 

The mission of Mastiff Studios is to make life better through art.  Amy's goal is to use the time you enjoy making art or crafting as a time to meet people.  You never know,  we may build a supportive community, and you might make great friend.

Friday Afternoon Craft Club