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Colorado Cottonwood:

I used to drive from northeastern Colorado to Denver on a regular basis.  The plains seem to explode into life in the early spring.  As I was driving, I would always think about how early wagon trains may have gotten here and stopped because of how beautiful it is.  The cottonwood in this image is small, the grass is lush, and the mountains seem majestic in the background.  If you have ever lived in northeastern Colorado, you would know spring is a misguiding advertisement about what will come.

This is a watercolor painting with colored pencil and pen & ink.

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Pink Iris in Bloom

One of the assignments that I like to give art students is to draw an image using only thin and thick lines to create form.  I found that it is a great way to teach them line quality quickly.  One day, I drew a demonstration of iris flowers for the class.  From this image, I created a pattern by digitally manipulating the pen and ink drawing  This is a soft pink and peach pattern that I decided was beautiful.  The image is available on many items, but I really like it on clothing.  This dress is through Redbubble.  The dress is thick fabric that lays very nicely.  I have one of my prints on a dress, and I wear it to teach  with a sweater. 

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Swirling Leaves

This is a pattern that I created from a pen and ink drawing that I manipulated in a digital program.  The swirling movement and the soft colors make this one of my favorites.  Both tops are soft and feminine chiffon.  The skirt is a thick stretching fabric that sculpts.

There are other items featuring this pattern available.  Shop now  to see it on t-shirts, tops, dresses, and more. 

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Woman Overlooking the Garden of the Gods

I created a silhouette of a woman in a fitted gown standing on an old fashioned balcony enjoying the magical view of the Garden of the Gods. The Rocky Mountains loom in the background. The setting for the piece was inspired by my home which was built in 1899. 

After I drew the piece in pen and ink,  I used digital manipulation to add soft sunset.

This image is available on a variety of items: cards, t-shirts, yoga mats, and more.

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Colorado Rider

Spring and summer in the Old Colorado City area of Colorado Springs is a great place to watch the motorcycle riders.  I created this image based on rumbling steel horses that coast down the street in front of my studio.  The motorcycle featured is a 2019 Harley.  The skull came from a day that I was substitute teaching science.  This particular skull had missing teeth and was damaged.  The rocks are  based on the Garden of the Gods, and the mountains in the back are the Rockies. This is a pen and ink drawing with computer graphics. 

This piece is available through two different companies.   It is linked to Fine Art/Pixels, but it is also on Redbubble.

Peace Word Art

This began as a pen and ink drawing, and then I edited it in a graphics program.  This image contains the word peace as well as roses and daisies. I tried to create a feeling of nostalgia.  This tranquil print is available at a print or on functional items.

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Elephant Holding a Tree Branch

After I created a pencil sketch of an elephant and tree branch on paper,  I laid in watercolor to build up the base color.  The next step was to add color pencil as well as black ink.  Finally, I used color pencil to create repeating lines to enhance to form of the elephant.  This piece is available on a variety of items from the fine art print to functional art.

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Tomato Clown Fish

This image of a tomato clown fish swimming among the ocean flora was created on watercolor paper using watercolor and pen and ink.  This image is available in multiple formats, but I have seen it printed on a gray long sleeve t-shirt, and it looks good.  This is a great image for beach bags,  beach towels, and more.

Featured is a child's t-shirt, art print, and a 12.5x8.5 zippered tote. 

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Sometimes there are no words for the changes that we go through in life.  As an artist, I am drawn to surrealism when I want to make a statement.  In this particular piece, I have used a skull as a representation of the subject.  The eyes are shiny discs inserted in the empty sockets and fastened into place "Steam Punk" style.  The fabric that joins the changes swirls between the bights yellow light of the future and the death of the path.  Soothing blue water ripples along the split in time.

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Spring 2020

This mixed media artwork features surreal images that I have used to describe the events of spring 2020.  The year started out with smooth start.  Well as smooth as anyone teaching seniors in high school can hope for.  The kids were getting tired of classes, but looking forward to graduation.  After the third quarter of school, the world started to shift gears.  What was supposed to be spring break, slipped into "Coronacation".  As I watched the disappointment and struggle around me, I felt it was the end of what we as a society did.  Businesses closed, people worked from home, and some people lost everything.  I was lucky to be a teacher, but so many people struggled. 

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Halloween Fairy

This is a whimsical marker and ink drawing that I created with the theme "What if a fairy was a witch?" . This was an easy piece that seemed to fall out of my pen.  The tip of the black pointed hat was the first thing that I drew.  I decided to give the green fairy witch bat-like wings to add to the theme of the piece.  The golden treats falling from her hand are based off Edvard Munch's "The Scream".  Finally, the spunky orange pumpkin to the side has been taken over by a happy snake with fangs and glowing yellow eyes.  The violet border was added digitally to give the piece a frame.  This image makes a great seasonal hoodie or t-shirt.

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Violet Roses and Op Art

When I ordered my first garment with my artwork, I was impressed with the quality of the fabric and printing through Redbubble.  It was then I decided to make more pieces and offer it to others.  This particular design was created by drawing roses.  Then I added watercolor to the flowers to enhance the form.  The reason I opted for violet is I think it's a strong and feminine color. Finally I drew the undulating lines in the style of Op Art to define a pattern with movement.  The background of the piece is a buttery soft yellow.  This is a great visual to have on a top or dress, but I really like it on the leggings. 

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Loving Pine

I have always loved the holiday season especially around Christmas.  For me, the pine tree is the focal point of friends, family, compassion, and love.  Over the years, learning the different ways people use trees to symbolize the stages of life, family, and growth has fascinated me.  This is my version of a tree to represent the sturdy roots that hold us strong in the harshest of storms, the trunk that supports growth, and the needles that are the productive work we see in the world every day. 

To create this piece of artwork, the first thing I did was make a pencil sketch.  Then I used black ink to draw the swirling thick and thin lines in an Art Nouveau style to give an elegant life to the tree.  Next I used water based markers to add color, and finally, to finish the image I manipulated it in a computer graphics program.

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This is a piece of word art that I created for those of you who keep going when life is difficult.  The word started out as eight individual pen and ink hand drawn letters that had purposeful Celtic knot work and soft swirling lines.  My goal was to demonstrate how a connection to heritage helps people find the courage to continue the battle.   After creating the letters,  I input each image into an editing program in order to create one word, vary the color, and create misty shadows.  I chose feminine colors to demonstrate the dedication of women.  This is available a variety of apparel as well as wall prints.

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Albrighton Rambler English Rose

This beautiful flower was created by David Austin in 2017.

After creating the large piece about the Coronavirus and then a couple of smaller pieces about family and strength, I decided to produce something that was just pretty.  Inspired by the ancient rose bush in my yard, I decided to make a drawing of a rose.  I spent some time looking online and came across this Albrighton rose.  I absolutely loved it.

To create this illustration, I used black drawing paper with colored pencil.  Then I photographed it, added a border, and finally put the name of the flower at the bottom of the image. After editing the piece a bit, I uploaded it to Redbubble.  These roses are now available on a variety of items that allow you to hang this illustration as relaxing artwork or take it with you on functional items such as tote bags and shirts.

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This piece of mixed media artwork was created as a response to the Tsunami that landed in Japan in the early 2000's.  I was stunned by the photos and discussions that were shared about this event.

After the cleanup had occurred, I spent a long time thinking about the wave itself.  The destruction and beauty was something I was drawn to.  I took these two seemingly divergent ideas and created one painting.  I wanted people to see the powerful beauty of nature in motion in contrast to the still grandeur of the beach.

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Monika's Sugar Skull

Sugar Skulls are a part of the Day of the Dead celebration that can be traced back to the Aztecs.  I became aware of Sugar Skulls from my students years ago.

One of my friends liked the Sugar Skull image so much that she wanted to have one made for her using my artistic style.  As you can see, I made sure to include my thick and thin line work.  If you look at the chin,  my signature is a mirror image.

She had the Sugar Skull printed on a tote bag and was pleased with the results.

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Second Season

This is a 22x30" mixed media (watercolor, colored pencil, and ink) on watercolor paper.  

I created this piece after Spring 2020 and several smaller pieces that followed because I felt it was a good time to discuss starting over.  Little did I realize that protesting and riots would be coming in June.  With that being said, let me tell you about the piece.

As you can tell, I like to use the symbolism of surreal style art to add a narrative quality to my work.  The watering can and gem rain are a look at nurturing.  I have a quirky love of the lawn ornament pink flamingo.  To me it screams summer, relaxation, and simple joys.  The plants in the image are coming back from winter and the seed packets are new life in the little garden.  

If you would like to learn more about the image, I have posted an article on Medium you might enjoy.

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Whimsical Butterflies

When I decided to draw a patterned floral that featured  soft, curving shapes of art nouveau, I had not planned on creating a butterfly.  As I was drawing, the wings seemed to appear.  After I noted the shape, I added "antennae" and "legs".  Then I digitally altered the image to create the center large butterfly created from the two in profile.  As an artist, I usually don't make butterflies, but I'm happy that this image developed.  It seems to be whimsical and fun.  I think everyone should have some lighter images to balance the serious pieces.

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Four Roses and Hearts with Love

To create this light hearted image, I started with a painting of a rose.  From there, I digitally edited the rose into heart shapes.  This image is available on a wide variety of products.  

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Original Joker Skull and Skull Joker

I have always found the Joker in the card deck to be an interesting idea.  The Joker  is the magic card that can put you over the top.  Unfortunately, if you get caught with him in your hand, the penalty is great.

I have always lumped jokers and jesters together.  That is why my joker is wearing a jester's hat.  If you look, his bony fingers gently display the card he is featured on.

I created this image because is seems like a great way to celebrate a Halloween Spirit.

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Tomato Clown Fish by Amy Brown of Mastiff Studios.