Wings Over Springs

Colorado Springs is a fantastic place to visit or live.  It has a great atmosphere, and I tried to capture that in this piece. The wings represent the planes that fly over associated with the military.  Under the wings are Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, and the Olympic rings.  Colorado Springs features many training centers for Olympic athletes.  The strong winds are represented above the mountain, stone outcropping, and rings.

This image began as a pen and ink drawing and was digitally altered. 

Turkey Time 

For most people, Thanksgiving is the day dedicated to the turkey.  I created this image as a fun way to celebrate the holiday.  As a teacher, I notice that every year, many other staff members would wear shirts that helped kids get into the holiday spirit.  There are many funny turkey images out there, but I wanted to create something that is artistic and whimsical to help bring on the good times with family and friends.  

To create this picture, I drew a pen and ink turkey on white paper.  Then I entered the image into the computer to digitally edit it for multiple turkeys.

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Turdey Time t-shirt by Amy Brown of Mastiff Studios

Belly Dancer with Wings

Years ago I took belly dancing class with one of my very dear friends.  She has stuck with it, but I was not going to wear the outfit in public for love or money.  My friend still belly dances, and she is quite good at it.

The first time I watched a woman perform with wings was mesmerizing.  The her arms were several feet longer, and the fabric shimmered and danced through the air.  I found it to magical and powerful.  When I created this piece, my goal was to capture what I felt and saw.

This is printed through Fine Art America on my Pixels website.  The cool thing about this website it that you can customize background colors and the size of the artwork.  The print shown in the living area is a large 30X40" on canvas.

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One of my favorite things is breakfast food.  One day I was getting ready to make some eggs, and I glanced at the counter.  As I looked at the eggs ready to go into the bowl, I thought that looked like an interesting subject.  After I had my breakfast for dinner, I started in on a still life. 

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As a drawing demonstration for students, I used peonies.  I chose the peony because it is one of my favorite flowers, and students were struggling to understand how to use just lines to create form.

The images I chose to feature are a fuzzy blanket, throw pillow, and a 24 x 36 inch poster above a sofa.

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This image is dedicated to those women snow boarders who tear up the slopes by re framing  the Snow Bunny slang. 

As a Colorado resident, I see the ladies head up to the Rocky Mountain ski slopes to take on the terrain with their boards.  These women do flips and tricks that blow my mine.  I truly appreciate their athleticism and ability. 

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Twister on the Colorado Plains

Growing up on the plains of Colorado in an area that is proudly proclaimed part of tornado alley, I spent many hot afternoons watching the clouds.  The sky would spin as the cell developed.  One day while sitting on the front steps of the little white house in the country, I saw a truly fascinating phenomenon.  A tornado was beginning to form, and it pulled the dirt from the roads into it.  From the house, I could see the roll of dust traveling from north, south, east, and west into the sky.  About that time, I headed to the basement.

This is a watercolor painting with ink and colored pencil.

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Fluer de lis by Amy Brown featured on throw pillow for sale


I have a dear friend who wanted to find an item with a fleur-de-lis on it for someone.  She couldn't find what she wanted, so I drew one.  I believe she got this image on a tote bag. 

This image started as a black and white ink drawing.  Then I added colored ink to the image to give it a little pop.  Finally, I edited in a digital program on my computer until I got the look I wanted.

The Fleur-de-lis is available on many items through Redbubble.  These are a few of my favorites.

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Hawkbilled Sea Turtle

I created this illustration using watercolor, ink, and colored pencil for a book .  I loved the way the illustrtions looked, and decided to feature them on funcitonal items. 

What I like about this particular image is how wize and ancient the turtle swimming across the bottom of the ocean looks.

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